Hello, Amarra and Natalia.

This is Your Father.

I guess this is the only way I can hope to communicate with you?

You know, last night (6/19/24) I had a dream in which I met you two. That everything was suddenly Ok. We hugged each other. It was great.

I don’t dream of anything in particular, on a regular basis. Just you two.

But you know what’s sad about that? In my dreams you two are always the ages that you were when I last had a relationship with you.

Natalia’s 11/12 years old. And Amarra’s 9 or 10.

My intellect knows that you two are much older than that. But I guess my heart is the one who’s dreaming?

I've been trying for years now. And I've never felt that you definitely knew/know it. All I have had is email communication with someone who claims to be Natalia. That's it, for years now.

So, here I am using a website to

I'd just like to be sure that you knew that I've been fighting to be reconnected with you. That I miss you two so much.

try to talk to you both.

You are both in my heart and on my mind every single day. Too many times a day to count. For years now.

I hope it works.

Besides me missing you two: Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins miss you too. Besides that, my wife Danielle would like to meet you two very much.

"Your father misses you."


Are you telling me that there hasn't been a day, one day, that you haven't ever missed me?

I’m your father. You’re my daughters. We’ve always had a wonderful connection when you were growing up. That connection is still there. I’ll always believe that. Always! We just have to begin communication again. The same goes for the rest of the family you haven’t seen in years. They’ll always be your family. And family should be with family. Be in each other’s lives.


I’m not blaming you for what I described above. I’m just trying to begin communication with you. And I know I’ve made a bunch of mistakes once the divorce began. And I’m not making excuses for them. It was a struggle. It was a shock. I felt alone in a way that I had never felt before. My heart was broken in a way that it never was before. Those details aren’t excuses. They’re facts, at least about my perspective at the time. The facts beyond them are that I did make mistakes in how I handled it. I’m sorry to have hurt you and/or disappointed you. I’m not going to use the word “but” here, and then continue with an excuse. Those are the facts. However, I’m in a different place altogether now. With someone who has helped me find myself again. And it’s this new person that wants to meet, reunite with both of you. Not the person you saw fall apart. I’ve accepted the precious time that I’ve already lost with you. And all I want is a future with you, whenever that starts. I know, in my heart, that we will be able to restore the bond that we will always have.  But like any other relationship that bond requires time, effort, love, commitment, attention, etc…  Things that we have not given it in a few years now. Maybe more? I know that I’ve been trying. But it’s a two way road. You know my number, my email address. I can’t wait to hear from you, in a way that I can be 100% sure it’s really you.